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The Holt Football Booster Club’s goal is to support and enhance the football program at Holt High School through volunteer assistance and fundraising programs, while at the same time promoting the highest standards of spirit and sportsmanship. Our purpose is to promote pride, respect, spirit, and unity among the Holt players, as well as the student body, coaches, families, staff, and the local businesses in our community. In order to do that, Indian Nation (Holt Football Booster Club) relies not only on the financial contributions of its members, but on the energy, imagination, and effort of the entire Holt Football family. By working together at every level, we can strengthen both the current and future football programs at Holt. And, together, we can make Holt Football one of the best experiences our children, and we as booster members will have.

Holt High School Booster Club – SPIRIT   LEVELS!

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We support the program in a number of ways including financial support for equipment purchases, facility maintenance, pregame meals for all levels, game day needs, and the year-end football banquet. The funds that we raise are vital in helping to pay for the Holt football program’s equipment. Your donations allow us to provide team meals, guardian helmets that ensure player safety, jerseys, training clinics, and senior recognition. Our booster donated funds also provide for training tools such as sideline Hudl, cameras, blocking dummies, and additional football merchandise. We invest in the future of our players and offer two senior scholarships. By developing traditions, we believe you and the rest of Indian Nation can continue to make Holt Football a great experience for everyone.